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I've been teaching the Feldenkrais Method in Israel and other countries for over ten years. As a child who suffered from asthma, I first learned about the method, when my mother helped me tremendously with individual lessons in easing my breathing problems. My mother, Dr. Chava Shelhav, is a senior Feldenkrais instructor, who for many years has trained teachers in Israel and other countries in the Method. Through our collaboration, I've acquired substantial know-how, and together we've given professional training programmes in Israel and Germany. 

In 1987, after deliberating between continuing my art studies or choosing a different future profession, I started studying the Feldenkrais Method in London. Because the method can be learned in different places around the world, I divided my learning period between Germany, the UK and Israel, and so was able to experience learning in different cultures and languages.

I returned to Israel in 1990 and began teaching group classes for the general public, as well as individual lessons.

I was privileged to participate in setting up Israel's first Department of Complementary Medicine, at the Assaf Ha'Rofeh Medical Centre. By combining the Feldenkrais method with conventional medicine and complementary medicine, I gained considerable experience in ways of perceiving human beings, and of understanding the concepts "health" and "illness" in alternative and conventional terms alike. 

This experience led me to homeopathy studies, which in turn enabled me substantial knowledge and new ways of thinking about understanding people. Although I don't give homeopathic treatment, everything I learned is of great practical assistance in my way of thinking and reflections.

Having gained much experience in group and individual work, I then turned to training future Feldenkrais instructors, in Israel and other countries. Currently I'm teaching 4-year study programmes that train instructors in the method. They are enriching, varied programmes which combine personal development and professional skills.

In the past few years, I've become very interested in working with children and babies; this offers an educational challenge in creating a firm educational basis and high-quality learning patterns (learning how to learn) which can serve the children in coming years. The technique combines movement, awareness and cognitive abilities.

I've learned from experience that many problems that crop up in later year stem from early childhood, and are the result of impaired motor and cognitive development processes during infancy and early childhood.

The greatest challenge that I've encountered is in disseminating the method over the Internet. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais's dream was to spread the method throughout the world via satellite transmissions; in the early 80s, he already had a technological vision which would be fulfilled two decades later.

The inherent potential of distance learning by means of transmitting pictures and voices over the Net can let people all over the world become aware of the method, and the learning and development it brings.

I'll be glad to hear your opinions, suggestions and criticism regarding the site and its contents, as I'd like to make it as easy and effective to use as possible.